Multifunction Juicer
Voltage: 220-240/110V
Speed: 40/60 rpm
Power: 250W
Frequency: 50/ 60HZ
Weight: 7.5KG
Packing: 230*160*400mm

Slow Juicer-300 focus on healthy juice. Safety material and more juicy technics.

Healthy juice

SJ-300 can produce a glass of fresh juice in seconds.Two oranges will have one cup of pure orange juice.

SJ-300 eliminates the drawbacks of high-speed juicers that harm and destroy important enzymes. And, the juicer will not be oxidized easily.
Pure Juice is much easier to digest than whole fruit.

Safety material

Main components are made of PC material, BPA free. Safe for baby.

Juicy technics

250W,40rpm AC gear motor.

It makes Juicer-300 lower noise and better grinding.Noise is about 55dB.