When we clean the glass by hand,it’s not an easy thing for workers. So this product tells you how to solve the problem and improve the effieciency.

Glass washer

Model:     GlassWasher 
Power:    300W
Voltage:  220V-240V/110V
Frequency:  50HZ/60HZ 
Weight(KG): 7KG
Packing(MM): 380*225*520mm


`Very portable and installs in seconds
`Depending on the type of different glass can be replacement of brush `Perfectly clean glasses, easily removes lipstick and fruit pulp

The glass washer is easy to use.Just two types 
1.put it into the sink and turn on the button 
2.Put the glass into the brush and spun around twice,you can take it out.

Portable, compact glass washr + clean bright glass machine with hot-air system= easy jobs, high efficiency and energy saving