Item No:GD-100(5 piece brush)
Rated power: 1200W
Rated voltage: 220-240V&110V
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Rated current: 5.5A&11A
Net weight: 20KG
Machine dimensions: 342*312*563MM/

Item No:GD-200(8 piece brush)
Rated power: 2000W
Rated voltage: 110V/220-240V&110V
Rated frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Rated current:9A&18A
Net weight: 29KG
Machine dimensions: 342*468*563MM

Say goodbye to manual cup wiping
Design for the high cup wiping standard

GD Series Glasses Polishers,machine replace the manual
working,the efficiency get twice the result with half the effort.

Extremely efficient and easy to use!

This series of products’ shell are
made of 304 stainless steel with
advanced technology;

The internal structure is complicated
and accurate. There is a protection
device and a temperature control

Widely used in hotels, hotels, bars,
leisure bars, etc.

Efficient and easy to use, suitable for a variety of cups

Employees can get started quickly without guidance.;
Reduce overall labor costs and save a lot of time. Otherwise,greatly
reduce the risk of broken glass;

Detail cast quality!

Unique heating and drying design allows the cup to be reused faster.

GD series glass polisher designed with heating brush device, distributes the heat evenly throughout the brush. The brush can keep drying with the fan integrated system,so that it guarantees the use cycle of
the cup.

Nano super tough fiber brush

Super fiber brush,can remove the thrace of chemical detergents, limestone and tannins.

Achieve hygiene and shine without streaks and stains.

The material of the brush is PC, and the material of the bonded bristles is food grade. It is ensure that no harmful substances are released under high temperature operation.

Economical and durable

The brush has a washable design,after testing a set
of brushes can scrub tens of thousands of cups:
GD-100: 60000-80000 cups/one set brush
GD-200:80000-100000 cups/one set brush

Efficient = benefit

Wiping the cup by hand takes more times and lanor,even will
takes damage to the cup;
With the glass polisher, not only for the fast, but also for the shape
bright as new.
So,it is necessary for us to invest in technology to streamline our
work processes and improve the employee productivity.
GD glass polisher is the most efficient tools for glass wiping, and
it can bring the glass without polishing media.